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日時:2024年1月10日 〜 10月31日


Barracuda Surf

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Barracuda Surf produces an engine type surfboard that runs by gasoline. Our "jetboard" is one of the newest trends in water leisure in Korea. The jetboard we produce meets the latest standard of environment, and has little emission rate, which makes it possible to ride it in almost everywhere. The quality control is our strength, as we produce most parts in our factory located in Korea.
Since 2013, we have been producing and improving our jetboards, and now we are capable of producing as many as 1,000 jetboards a year. The business range is from B2B to B2C, and an OEM of small quantity is also possible. Individuals and corporates that are interested in our products can become the distributors in their region. For more information, please refer to our website.






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